Boston Vacation

To top off summer, Bob and I left the humid, blistering heat of Texas for a week trip in Boston. I had just completed an engaging semester of maternity and newborn nursing, which I absolutely loved, but I was ready for a vacation!  Thanks to Patty and Dave, Bob’s parents, we were able to spend time with family and tour an awesome city! Before leaving the Houston airport, I made sure to drink some Dunkin’ donuts coffee in preparation for our voyage East.


Flying into Logan international airport, we soared across Boston harbor. The window view was spectacular. Bob’s parents had told us their experience with planes landing above their sailboats… almost as if they were about to touch the sailboat’s mast. What a cool location for an airport!

When we arrived, we drove to Charlestown first. Here, we saw the Bunker Hill Memorial. Then, we went to dinner at Warren Tavern, which was built in 1730 and visited by both George Washington and Paul Revere. Dr. Warren was the man who sent Paul Revere and William Dawes to alert the Colonials about the British soldiers. It was the Minute Men National Park that sparked my memory about all the history in Boston because they had a detailed visitors’ center with a multimedia presentation. Each year, Boston schools’ spring break falls on the week of April 19, in honor of the battles of Lexington and Concord.

On our first full day in Boston, we had to go for a sail. We headed into Boston from the apartment, and first, we toured the USS Constitution. I was the only one who had not seen “Old Ironsides”. At the USS Constitution museum, I learned the history of this honored Naval ship.



Next, we were off to sail! Bob’s parents are members at Courageous Sailing Center off the Boston inner harbor. We took out a J22, and enjoyed a windy afternoon on the water. Sadly, the wind was coming from the wrong direction for us to have planes landing over our heads, but we had several planes take off above us!


After sailing, we headed to Fenway Park for a Red Sox vs. Astros game! We had standing room tickets on the Green Monster, but we found four open seats and no one ever came and claimed them. This location had a great view of the field, and the pictures don’t do it justice.


The following day, we went to Minute Men National Park, followed by kayaking from the south bridge to the north bridge on the Concord river. We rented the kayaks from Southbridge Boat House. It was so much fun to see the North bridge from the water and to spend some time rowing with Bob!


Kayak selfie! Thank goodness for Lifeproof cases, as long as you don’t drop the phone and lose in the water!


 Patty and Dave on their kayak!

After kayaking, we went to New Hampshire for some outlet mall shopping! NH does not have sales tax, so that was an added bonus. Bob and I got great deals on new Sperry’s. You gotta love it when the receipt says you saved $140. We also got Bob some new wayfarer RayBans…this Lenscrafters did 30% off with AAA membership! Whoop!

The following day, it was back into Boston for a duck tour and an Italian dinner in the North End. The duck tour was so much fun! Our ConDucktor was Professor Quackenstein and we rode in Back Bay Bertha.


Back Bay Bertha was parked in front of the loading zone at the end of the night, so we were able to take a photo with her. Photobombed by another ConDucktor!

614The Boston Duck Tour was an entertaining way to see the city. This was the second tour for Patty and Dave, and each trip, they learned something new and saw different sites. I learned that within a 50 mile radius there is more than 1,000 Dunkin’ Donuts…then, I saw about five in the next five minutes. We saw the grave yard where Sam Adams is buried. Pointing to a bar across the street, he said, “This the only place you can drink a cold Sam Adams while staring at a cold Sam Adams!” It was really cool that the duck could be driven directly into the water! We went into the Charles river for the water portion of the tour!

Before dinner, we went to the Old North Church, which played its part in history on the night of April 18th, 1775 by raising lanterns to inform the Charlestown patriots of the British troops planned route to Lexington,  “one if by land, and two if by sea!”


We had dinner at Panza Ristorante. The most memorable dish was the bruschetta appetizer… it was the best I have ever had: Crunchy warm bread with fresh tomatoes, red onion, balsamic drizzle, and small pieces of creamy goat cheese tied the whole dish together. Bob ordered the Chicken Panza, which was also a table favorite.




Since we were right around the corner from Mike’s Pastry, we had to stop in to get some famous cannolis. I did not think I really like cannolis, so I had Bob order me two giant chocolate chip cookies. The cookies were so delicious… I would go back just for that! Then, I tried an espresso cannoli, and I liked it, too!

Our final day on the East coast, we drove to Gloucester, MA part of Cape Ann. This area was founded in 1623 by men from Dorchester, and it became one of the earliest English settlements, predating Salem (1626) and Boston (1630). We went to the park, and we walked the shoreline, visiting the Fisherman’s memorial. It was surprising to see the number of Fishermen deaths at sea, which are caused by a number of things such as large storms, sinking, small dorys gone astray, and being run down by steamers.





Bob and I had such an amazing time on the East Coast. It was fun to visit our family in a new area before they move back to Texas sometime in the future. Thank you so much Patty and Dave for this fun adventure! We learned a lot about Boston history, baseball, and East Coast living.


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