Fredericksburg: A Texas Hill Country Vacation

Bob and I just returned from a mini vacation to Fredericksburg, TX. This was the first time we traveled to Fredericksburg together. I had been to the area as a child to camp with my family at the surrounding state parks, Perdenales and Enchanted Rock. This area of the hill country is so beautiful. I did not mind the driving one bit. With three days of rain at the beginning of the week, we were blessed with perfect sunny weather that wasn’t unbearably hot.

Our first stop was Hondo’s on Main. This restaurant is known for its burgers, beer, and live music. The portions were large and the atmosphere was very Texan. It was a delicious way to start our vacation. I ordered the BBQ bacon burger. I thought it was good, but Bob did not like their BBQ sauce. I guess it depends on your BBQ preference! The side order of homemade chips was tasty, but heavy on Parmesan topping, so make sure that’s your thing before ordering.



After Hondo’s, we headed to the ranch. My grandmother, we call her Nanni, is an interior designer. Our family friends, also her clients, own a beautiful ranch at the top of a mountain. Their property overlooks other farmland…windmills, livestock, and green grass. I’m always amazed by Nanni’s sense of design and passion for her work. While she and her crew worked on the houses, Bob and I had a great time driving around on the “mule” and trying to disturb the longhorn without being attacked.




We wanted to saw its horns off…



The next morning, we slept in and headed to Perdenales Cellars to experience a 290 winery. This is one of Andrea’s (my aunt/friend) favorites. Bob and I felt a little out of place because they ramble on about the wine and wait for you to finish one glass to give you the next taste. We like drinking wine, but we’re not wine snobs yet. Fortunately, we were able to head outside to enjoy a glass of our favorite wine from the tasting. We sat on a rocking swing and enjoyed the day.




After the winery, we headed back to town to run an errand for Nanni. We decided to grab a bite to eat. We discovered the most delicious deli! It is called Woerner Warehouse- Country Market and Cafe. This unique find had one of the best ratings in the city. The cafe is located right next door to the Woerner Feed and Garden Supply, so don’t think you are in the wrong place. We parked behind the cafe and found a chicken coop with chicks and two baby ducks. Bob’s sandwich was so amazing, named the Don Juan. It was a ham sandwich with havarti, bacon, dijon mayo, and texas slaw warmed on a panini press. Bob says it was the BEST sandwich he has had to date. I wish I had ordered it too! I ordered a standard turkey club, which was also top notch. (My phone was dead, so you’ll have to trust my word that it is worth the visit!)

For dinner, we ate at the Auslander restaurant and biergarten to have some necessary German fixings while in town. The spatzle was one of their most noteworthy dishes. Also, the spicy bratwurst was delicious. We enjoyed some quality time in the biergarten with Nanni.

After dinner, we returned to the ranch, which is so serene at night. Christmas lights are hung to light up the pathways and outline the houses, and the stars shine so bright. Our final day was spent removing old lights from the windmill and putting up new Christmas lights to make it even more appealing to the night eye. Bob volunteered to climb the windmill and do the manly work! He had a lot of fun. I wished he had a harness, but he was very cautious… (except for when he drank a beer while on the ladder!) I was his grounded helper.



Here he is after a long day of work!


And here’s a peek at the interior design! I love doors on tracks. Nanni always finds the best decor.


I enjoyed the chance to get away with Bob for a short vacation before summer school and work begin again. We had a blast exploring a new area. I loved waking up to the ranch scenery. I was even able to lounge around in the carriage house bed while drinking coffee and watching Food Network, so it doesn’t get much better than that.

I look forward to blogging about more trips in the future!



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