Here comes the bride!

The month of May is a popular time to get married in Texas. It’s common for couples to get married younger in the south. I can’t disagree with this statement as Bob and I approach 1.5 years of marriage! Woah, time certainly has flown and we’ve made many new memories together. This month, we attended two beautiful weddings, and we have two more coming up in June. I love weddings because of the chance to experience the couple’s style (or maybe just the brides..) and their happiness first hand. Every wedding I have attended has been so unique that it really highlights the bride and groom’s story. The sailing team has been known to foster lasting relationships, and there have been some notable sailing team couples who have tied the knot: Bob and Kerry (that’s me!), Matthew and Katie, Travis and Jenny, and others from before our time! Who’s next? Image Travis and Jenny’s wedding was held at Tuscan Courtyards in Texas City. The weekend was rainy, and thunder was heard during the ceremony, but we all stayed beautiful and dry. This was the first wedding where I was a bridesmaid. I had a lot of fun helping Jenny get ready for the big day. I especially enjoyed being in charge of fixing the train on her dress. I got really good a fluffing it. I even got over my fear of mispronouncing “lattices”, and I successfully read my bible passage in front of the crowd. I keep telling my friends I need some heart rate reduction (beta blockers) or anti-anxiety meds for public speaking! Jenny and I have been great friends for four years now. I met her my freshman year on the sailing team. We’ve been through a lot together: regattas all over the country, a road trip from New Orleans to San Diego, many themed parties, the Austin Marathon, my wedding & hers. I look forward to many more memories. Here’s the bridesmaids pictured at the rehearsal dinner: Image Another sweet deal about Trenny’s wedding was the after party in the Hampton Inn pool. Needless to say, they were very considerate of our need to continue celebrating. Image Also this weekend, Chris Thorp married Meagan Jackson. Although Meagan was not a member of the sailing team, she was quickly accepted as an honorary member because of her love for sailing and Texas A&M. She is especially cool to me because she went to Culver Girls Academy! Chris will always hold a special place in my heart because he introduced me to the A&M sailing team the summer before I began college. We had been campers together at Culver, and then, we worked together Summer 2009. I even went to a party at his house before the first day of school, which was the night I met Bob, Conner, and Jeff. Small world. Sailing team alumni pictured below: John, Chelsea, Katie, Matthew, Bob, Kerry, & Conner at Meagan and Chris’ wedding reception Image Shortly after this photo, I had to change into Katie’s cowboy boots because my wedges broke. Fortunately, the boots looked really cute at this adorable barn reception. Meagan did a great job with decorations! Image Image Stay tuned for more wedding posts in the future! I can’t wait for the next reunion of friends & family at the next union of a new Mr. & Mrs.!