26 miles?

Marathon anyone?

I am training for the Austin Livestrong Marathon coming up this February, and every time I head out for my long runs I wonder what I got myself into. Don’t get me wrong, I love running. I was pretty decent in high school after my coaches and I realized I could not run short distances. Those 16 second 100 meter dashes were pretty horrible.

Today, I had to do my 14 mile run solo because all my sailing team members running the marathon with me were in New Orleans for  Tulane’s Back to the Bayou Regatta where they BTHO SEISA, our sailing conference (Southeastern Intercollegiate Sailing Association). For now and future reference, at Texas A&M, we like to say BTHO (Beat the Hell Outta) insert your word of choice here. For instance, BTHO my anatomy exam, BTHO Texas, anything you can think of. Honestly, I know I can run 26 miles, but I just am not sure if my legs are on my same page. I’ll just say my run BTHO me, but good news is tomorrow is a rest day! Running alone was quite peaceful, but there’s something motivating about having teammates. Fortunately, there is time for improvement, and I know I will be motivated to cross that finish line alive!

Bob just got home from Boston today after touring MIT. We didn’t talk much while he was gone because he was busy touring MIT’s aerospace engineering graduate program, falling in love with the city, and visiting his old Aggie roommate who is currently in a graduate program at Harvard.  We both agreed it makes the memories that much sweeter when we can catch up in person. Believe me though, I’m all about talking and pretty sure my love language may be words of affirmation, even though I enjoy all the other stuff as well. Nothing is better than hearing I LOVE YOU and knowing the person means it. Now, I think I will search for nursing schools in the Boston area so I can keep my options open. I’m all for living the expensive-east coast life while I can!

Today, I cooked up some bacon and Jiffy corn muffin pancakes for Bob’s arrival.

Word of Advice: You don’t have to make the most expensive meals or even spend much time on them. Sometimes there’s more love than you can imagine in a $0.42 box of jiffy corn muffin mix. Believe me, it is a staple in my diet, and by diet, I mean menu because I can assure you it’s not the healthiest item in the grocery store!


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