Hello world!

Hello, World!

The first time I typed “Hello, World!” was this summer when I was teaching myself how to program. I think I will enjoy the blogging world a smidgen more. I just needed to see what programming was about because my boyfriend is a programming beast.

My name is Kerry and I am a junior health education major at Texas A&M University. Sometimes I wish I went by my first and middle name, Kerry Lee, but it think it’s too late to change things up on everyone. My priorities may be a little out of whack, but after God, family and friends, my order of importance seems to be sailing, baking, and then studying. My dad keeps telling me I can’t major in sailing, so I’ve been spending more time in the library this semester. If I ever come back to visit campus, I think I should head to my spot on the 2nd floor of Evans library first. Thanks to my friend, Brandon (bhboykin.wordpress.com), I was inspired to start blogging today. We had a fun cupcake bakery adventure and a photo shoot at a local park.

I have a wonderful boyfriend, Bob Long, who happens to be one of the nerdiest, sweetest persons I know. Thanks to him, I have found my inner nerd and learned how to be comfortable being a little strange. He was my first sailing skipper, my first midnight yell date, and much more. You’ll certainly be hearing about more of our escapades.

I am a member of the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Sailing Team. Sailing is a sport and a lifestyle. I’m not your Sperry wearing, yacht going stereotypical sailor girl. Don’t get me wrong any sailboat is fun and I do wear Sperry’s on occasion, but we get wet, we sail fast, and most importantly, every time two boats are on the water… IT’S A RACE! Sailing is a work out, we get bruises, muscles, and abs. The best thing about college sailing is the traveling, the bonding, and the friendships with other teams in our conference.

Lesson #1 of sailing: A flatter boat is a faster boat!

Mandy and I were not heavy enough in that wind to enjoy the benefits of a flat, fast boat…but heeling and hiking out is fun!

My baking skills have come a long way since high school. I was that girl who burnt the chocolate or messed up the measurements. With the help of multiple food blogs and more time and motivation, I have managed to become quite graceful in the kitchen. You can call me the next Betty Crocker. My baking inspirations were Karly from Bunsinmyoven, Jessica from How Sweet It Is, and Joy the Baker, plus many other friends. I give lots of credit to those great photographers out there that make me want to cook their recipes. Hopefully, I will have a quality camera someday, but please bear with me until then. I am a baking scientist, hoping to master the art of cooking.

This is my life in a nutshell. You’ll learn my quirks and specific qualities as time goes by.



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